Sometimes I see the name FUNFONAVI... What does this mean?

FUNFONAVI is the abbreviation for The Bienvenido Project’s registered name in Spanish: Fundacion para la Formacion de los Ninos y Adolocentes en la Vida Integral. This translates as Foundation for the Formation of Children and Teenagers in the Whole Life.

Why the name "The Bienvenido Project"?

The project is located in Batey Bienvenido, on the Western outskirts of Santo Dominigo, Dominican Republic. As FUNFONAVI doesn’t easily translate into English, we began calling the project The Bienvenido Project when sharing with our English-speaking supporters. Bienvenido also means “welcome” in Spanish.

What does batey mean?

A batey is the name given to communities surrounding sugar cane plantations. Although there hasn’t been sugar cane near Bienvenido for many years, it is still referred to as such.

Is The Bienvenido Project a school? What about an orphanage?

Although we work to ensure children are in school, and some who attend our programs are orphans, we are currently neither a school nor an orphanage. Please check out Our Programs page to learn more about our work.

How can I get involved?
  • Share the project with others
  • Give financially with a one-time or monthly donation
  • Come volunteer

See our Get Involved page for more info.

Anything you’re still wondering about? Ask away!

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